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«Bon Voyage» company in Vyborg

Bon Voyage has been dealing in sawn timber and woodworking since 1997. Our company carries out full cycle of wood processing which allows us to offer our customers lower prices for high quality of finished product.

The range of our offer includes practically all kinds of sawn timber and wood products which can be used in construction and finishing works. Bon Voyage deals in delivery of any volume of surfaced and rough, edged and non-edged, terrace, dry and with natural wetness board, bar imitation for inside and outside finishing of a house, bars of different sections, different linear wood products. The company is located in Vyborg, Leningrad Region, Russia.

You can also place your order with us for a country house, pavilions, children’s play house, storehouse or bath –house made from profiled bars with dimensions from 35 to 70 cm.

We produce and sell sawn timber products and also offer ready wood products. Under your order we can produce standard and non-standard sawn timber and ready wood products.

The company carries out full cycle of woodworking using our own workforce and equipment beginning from timber sawing, material drying, planing, varnishing or painting and finishing with assembling and delivering to the Buyer. All this allows to monitor the whole manufacturing cycle and ensure the quality and declared time for manufacture. We are dynamic in our development of new products manufacture. Today the company started wood impregnation according to vacuum-pressure-vacuum technology which saves wood against from different vermin and decay for the period up to 25 years. Wide range of wood-working tools allows producing practically all kinds of wood products required by customers.

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